This Webpage is on the topic of LAND Conveyances, Land Titles, Land Patents, Land Grants, and Deeds. It may encompass Zoning, Eminent Domain and other issues, but these all are based upon the laws in force at the time the land was granted. One must consider: [A] Who originally Possessed Title to the Land Conveyed from Public Domain into Private Hands [B] The laws in force when the land was granted [C] The laws stipulated in each State's Enabling Acts, regulating what could or could not be done [D] The Original Contract, and it's Reservations  and Exceptions, if any, specifically stipulated on the original Patent or Grant that conveyed the land… These are all parts of the Governing Contract, having continuing obligations, that still govern the land. (Fletcher v. Peck)

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Legal Disclaimers:

I am NOT an Attorney. This is NOT legal advice. This website began as my own research, and that of several others; mainly Ron Gibson and Pat Baker. It has become more and more the research of David Wilbur Johnson, as reiterated from his lectures, as well as current feedback  from queries on various challenges. While all of the information on this site has a mammoth amount of case law and various foundational books of law well documented, you must do your own due diligence in researching the laws in your own state pertaining to the application of what is posted here. This site offers no legal advice, and I can tell you there is no silver bullet. Most states operate under color of law policy and practice, rather than looking at what the Law actually states. "We've always done it this way…"  Getting anyone to really go beyond the typical "status quo" and really look at the law, and the intent of the lawmakers at the time the laws were written will be a challenge.

Anything you read here can only be considered historical entertainment and informational resources to stimulate you to do your own research on your own land issues, pertaining to the alienation of public lands by grants and patents. I can't recommend David Johnson's Land Patent Lectures high enough! His lectures are available here on the Land Patent Lectures tab. David has definitely done his homework. I've downloaded his lectures and saved them off on computer, tablet, phone, etc…. to listen repeatedly. Each time I listen, I learn something new. This research is critical to the understanding of the foundation of land law and the disposal of public land conveyed into private ownership. You'll soon realize Land Law is much different than thought. What is typically thought of is Real Estate Law.  I hope and pray you enjoy your time spent here. This research is going to be different than anything you have been conditioned to know - as truth.