Taxation: A Spiritual Concept

A friend stated: My theory is: the fallen ones never sleep in their goal to make us lose our estate too...

I never thought of that! Wow! What a Devine Revelation! Of course you're right on target! That IS THE reason!

We, humanity in the Garden of Eden, being made after God's image, being tempted to sin against God by Satan himself..... God knew it was perpetrated by deception... and He chose to redeem us back to Himself. Satan and his angels resent humanity for this but can't do anything about That.... but he Can and does make us experience losing our estate through his deception the same way we lost our first estate, Eden..... again through deception, and ignorance of the definition of terms, and the intent and purposes of the laws themselves, and Who is made liable to the taxation being perpetrated. This is how we lose our earthly estates, through deception of the county and state corporations, corruption and conflict of interest by the courts, and subterfuge. This of course is fraud… But Satan uses his tools to accomplish his goals… to steal, kill and destroy.

Satan lost his first estate through Rebellion, (not deception) Pride and Coveting to Be worshipped as God, along with a third of the angels of heaven. Satan and his angels were never offered the gift of redemption or salvation, thus their animosity towards humanity. There is only one God. One Name above All Name! There are many gods (idols of our own imagination and making) but only one God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything in/on it. He does not share His glory with anyone/ anything else. He has not only made Himself the Redemption for our souls, but has spent the last several thousand years preparing us a home / an estate.... not built with hands.... to live in fellowship with Him forevermore!

Even so, although Christ made provision for our Redemption. ... it is our choice and responsibility to acknowledge and accept His offer and provision of Salvation and Redemption to perfect our deed/title to the redeemed estate of our souls in the Lambs Book of Life. The vessel that clothes our soul is nothing more than an exoskeleton to be left behind at death in our new domicile in one of two eternal after earth destinations; Heaven or Hell. It is our choice of Faith to Believe in Faith and accept His Substitutionary work as payment for our sins; Equitable Subrogation if you will..... that makes the difference.

Have no clue how I missed it for more than 50 years..... not for lack of thought on the matter.... but I guess lack of Revelation, and discernment.